Christmas on the beach

Start the Day right! On Christmas Day we are drawn to the beach. It’s a sunny, absolutely beautiful day and we arrive on a beach in the city of Andora which we have completely to ourselves. Hard imagining it being full of deck chairs in the summertime. Rey does his business and his servant is right behind him…

After Mila & Rey enjoyed running around chasing each other on the empty beach and the obligatory selfie pic is made, we head back to the Jeep to navigate to Diano San Pietro in Liguria.

Olive Orchards

We make our way through small villages and their narrow streets, driving by countless olive orchards, until we arrive at the starting point of our todays offroad trail.

On bumpy Roads to Mount Ceresa

This trail is also, like yesterdays trail to Mount Faudo, characterized by the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. The trail gets pretty rough sometimes and Alex finds himself some playgrounds. After a halt to let an Italian pass with his Suzuki Jimny, we continue our trail. the path leads us on bumpy roads to Mount Ceresa, a dead-end, where we enjoy complete silence and a little snack.

Panoramic views

On our way back we enjoy the view and the sunset as we slowly drive downhill towards Diano Marina. From time to time we pass cowherds. They seem to be interested in us, but they don’t leave their feeding spot. They are just like us, eating is way too important 🙂

Diano Marina

The village of Diano Marina marks the end of our trail. We fill up the tires and drive through the picturesque village with its narrow alleys. The streets of the old town are so narrow, we can touch the houses to our left and right as we pass. Now we understand why the Suzuki Jimny is such a popular car around here. Besides the Fiat of course…

The Video: Bumpy Roads to Mount Ceresa

Key data to the trail Diano San Pietro – Monte Ceresa – Diano Marina:
Lenght: 26.91 km
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Maximum Height: 810 m a.s.l.
Average Speed: 13.7 km/h
Total Time in Motion: 1 h 57 min

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