On our first day in Liguria we decide to take it easy. Well ok, the video of our first (really, really short) offroad trip will follow… We don’t seem to have the ability to just stay on concrete for one day. And our “Gollum” needs his daily dirt in the tires as well.

Laigueglia – A Fisherman’s Village on the Riviera

We go visit Laigueglia, our favourite village on the coast of Liguria. This village is also member of the association “I borghi più belli d’Italia” (“the most beautiful villages of Italy”). Laigueglia was one of the reasons why we love to return to Liguria every now and then. The picturesque village with its narrow alleys has the charm of an old fisherman’s village. Nothing sophisticated, nothing too fancy, just simple and real. We love that.

Dogs Beach hit by the Storm

This village does even have an official dogs beach. The owners are also welcome there as long as they behave themselves 😉 Actually there’s a lot of beaches where dogs are allowed on this coast of Italy.
Normally, the Italian beaches are dominated by deck chairs. One after another, in multiple accurate rows. The national sport in Italy is thus to run to the beach first thing in the morning, put the towel on the best deck chair and go get a fine Italian Espresso.
But now in winter, no deck chairs, no people, nobody who cares about dogs on the beach. We notice, that the dogs beach that is normally so neatly kept in shape, is destroyed. We think maybe they’re doing some renovations.
Later in the Focacceria we are told, that this Novembers storm demolished parts of the beach, especially the dogs beach.

A Ristretto and the “dolce far niente”

After Mila & Rey had their fun running around and sniffing all the details, we go to a café at the beach, one of the few ones open this Sunday and drink a wonderful Italian Ristretto, or as Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks would say, a damn fine cup of coffee. We enjoy the sight of an empty beach with no people, just the waves, and the “dolce far niente”.


Energized by the strong Italian coffee, we take a walk through the alleys enjoying it being so quiet, only crossing some friendly nodding locals. We walk by the neat little store of the Fratelli Amoretti. They sell delicious local products like olive oils and pickled olives. Unfortunately it’s closed and so we get us some Focacce from the Focacceria La Teglia. Those are typical Ligurian flat breads with olive oil, herbs, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants etc. We go on with our walk and make our way back to our Jeep.

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