Sanctuary Nostra Signora di Lampedusa

Our first official Offroad Trail starts in Castellaro, a picturesque little village in the Ligurian mountains. The starting point is at the sanctuary “Santuario di Nostra Signora di Lampedusa”, acually at the back side which is much more mundane than the beautiful architecture of the front entrance. We drive through the right portal and halt to take some pictures. From the left portal there’s a wonderful view right to the bay of Arma di Taggia.

Now let’s go Offroad to Mount Faudo.

Gravel roads and a bumpy ride

The weather is gorgeous and we’re very excited. Actually we are so excited, that we forget to reduce the tire pressure and so the start is a little bumpy. Just before our breakfast calls for an exit, we stop and take care of that pressure and lower it to 18 psi.
Now we can enjoy the surroundings with its autumnally colored trees on a less bumpy ride.

Wild horses and dirt bikes

From time to time we even meet (wild? I really don’t have a clue if those are wild horses, but it gives our story an even more adventurous touch…) horses. We are inmidst nature and on our whole trip we cross only two friendly Italians on their dirt bikes. The smiles on their faces could mean two things. Either they are so excited about their own ride or they know exactly what we are to expect further up there 🙂 We will see…

Wild horses on Mount Faudo

Offroad to the Mount Faudo

We turn left into a very bumpy, badly kept road that leads to the peak of the mountain. On the top of Mount Faudo, approximate height 1150 m (my converter app tells me that’s about 3’773 ft) we encounter complete silence and a breathtaking mountain panorama. Mila & Rey run around in full speed and enjoy themselves in their own silly way.

Snacktime and downhill towards Trincheri

After our snack on Mount Faudo we slowly head back down towards Trincheri, the final destination of todays offroad trip where we pump up the tires and drive towards our vacation home, the homebase in Civezza.

The Video: Offroad Trail Mount Faudo

Key data to the trail

Key data to the trail Castellaro – Trincheri:
Lenght: 19.51 km
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Maximum Height: 1150 m a.s.l.
Average Speed: 8.7 km/h
Total Time in Motion: 2 h 14 min
Total Time on the Road: 2 h 56 min

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