This year we decided to celebrate Christmas our way: Not at all. Thanks to Lucies unconventional thinking family, the very cozy family celebration has already taken place a week ago. Our Christmas present for ourselves is an Offroad Vacation in Liguria! We’ve both never been to the Mediterranean Sea in Winter, so let’s check it out an pack our stuff! All packed und stuffed in the Wrangler, the dogs having as always the most space. We start our trip on a Saturday morning. It rains as if there’s no tomorrow in Switzerland, but we’re headed South, towards the sun (hopefully).

Our homebase Civezza

As always, we make many breaks to eat a little something and “empty” the dogs. The dogs enjoy running around on those halts. Rey tries to chase anything that moves, even if it’s only a leaf.
As we don’t have a roof tent yet, we booked a nice little vacation home in Civezza. It’s a little town just above San Lorenzo al Mare. This will be our homebase for the next week and we plan all our daily trips from there.

The Arrival

We message the owner Marica and her husband picks us up at the parking lot of the local store. Sidenote: This store turns out to be a wonderful place to go. Even though it looks a little crappy from the outside, it’s a very neat store with lots of local products. Unfortunately and typically for us, we don’t find this out until our last day in Civezza…
Paolo, the husband, leads the way to Civezza with his Lancia. The house is located at a dead end, only the owners living nearby. There’s some other houses around, but plenty of space for the dogs and privacy for us. And the view is fantastic, right to the sea!

Italian Hospitality

We are welcomed dearly by Marica and Paolo and even find some welcome gifts. For example there’s six different kinds of homemade marmelades and an apple cake by Marica. Further there’s some homemade olive oil and limoncello by Paolo. Everything so fresh and so yummie! To be honest, we didn’t eat the cake because there was lots of butter in it…But we surely appreciated the gesture!. In addition, Marica and Paolo put a Prosecco in the fridge, so we don’t feel too lonely on Christmas 😉 A very big thank you once again to you, Marica and Paolo, for the wonderful Italian hospitality.

Mila & Rey are welcome as well

As we know, Italians love dogs. Especially the big ones, even though or maybe because they usually tend to have the really small ones. Paolo asks us if they have been fed and as we reassure him that they have, he makes friends with Mila & Rey. Marica has more respect, rather keeps her distance and tries to “pet” them from far away. But she makes it pretty clear, that the sofa with the blanket is prepared only for the dogs. So they can enjoy their vacations as well.
Mila & Rey, both pretty tired from the trip, claim the sofa thankfully 😉

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