The Ruins of Fort Rocca Liverna and Mount Nero

Olive Harvesting

Our daily morning walk leads us once again in the olive groves, this time even Alex joins us. Not without complaining that it’s in the middle of the night. Actually it’s just before 8 AM. The nets lie underneath the olive trees, ready for the harvesting. Far away we hear the sound of the vibrating machines which shake the olives from the trees. Continue reading “The Ruins of Fort Rocca Liverna and Mount Nero”

Offroad Vacation in Liguria

This year we decided to celebrate Christmas our way: Not at all. Thanks to Lucies unconventional thinking family, the very cozy family celebration has already taken place a week ago. Our Christmas present for ourselves is an Offroad Vacation in Liguria! Continue reading “Offroad Vacation in Liguria”