Storage Unit JEEP JKU – Overlander Build Part 03

Our Overlander “Gollum” is ready to hit the road. We finished building the storage unit in the trunk and can’t wait to test everything. Read all about the making of the storage unit for our Jeep JKU and hopefully you’ll find some useful tips for your own diy overlanding conversion.

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Wrangler Stuck in the Mud

With a heavy heart we say goodbye to Liguria and our nice landlords Marica and Paolo. One thing is for sure,we will be back! We decide not to drive on the highway yet. So we take a direct road through the mountains, direction Turin. This will be an unspectacular ride home. We thought. How could we know by this time, that we will get the Wrangler stuck in the mud today… Continue reading “Wrangler Stuck in the Mud”

Offroad on Snow and Ice

About 17 miles north of Imperia in Liguria, lies a small village called Ponti. Right behind it, we take a left into the woods. There’s the starting point of todays offroad trail, which will be the toughest one on this vacation. In short: Offroad on snow and ice… Continue reading “Offroad on Snow and Ice”

The Ruins of Fort Rocca Liverna and Mount Nero

Olive Harvesting

Our daily morning walk leads us once again in the olive groves, this time even Alex joins us. Not without complaining that it’s in the middle of the night. Actually it’s just before 8 AM. The nets lie underneath the olive trees, ready for the harvesting. Far away we hear the sound of the vibrating machines which shake the olives from the trees. Continue reading “The Ruins of Fort Rocca Liverna and Mount Nero”

Bunkers and the Ligurian border crest road

I go on my daily morning walk in the olive groves with Mila & Rey. While I enjoy a nice view of Civezza which is kissed by the first rays of sun, Alex cooks a delicious, spicy breakfast (vegan egg scramble with tofu, bell pepper, zucchini and mushrooms) and plans todays offroad trip to some bunkers and the Ligurian border crest road. Continue reading “Bunkers and the Ligurian border crest road”

Bumpy Roads to Mount Ceresa

Christmas on the beach

Start the Day right! On Christmas Day we are drawn to the beach. It’s a sunny, absolutely beautiful day and we arrive on a beach in the city of Andora which we have completely to ourselves. Hard imagining it being full of deck chairs in the summertime. Rey does his business and his servant is right behind him… Continue reading “Bumpy Roads to Mount Ceresa”

Offroad to Mount Faudo

Sanctuary Nostra Signora di Lampedusa

Our first official Offroad Trail starts in Castellaro, a picturesque little village in the Ligurian mountains. The starting point is at the sanctuary “Santuario di Nostra Signora di Lampedusa”, acually at the back side which is much more mundane than the beautiful architecture of the front entrance. Continue reading “Offroad to Mount Faudo”

Laigueglia – A Fisherman’s Village on the Riviera

On our first day in Liguria we decide to take it easy. Well ok, the video of our first (really, really short) offroad trip will follow… We don’t seem to have the ability to just stay on concrete for one day. And our “Gollum” needs his daily dirt in the tires as well. Continue reading “Laigueglia – A Fisherman’s Village on the Riviera”

Offroad Vacation in Liguria

This year we decided to celebrate Christmas our way: Not at all. Thanks to Lucies unconventional thinking family, the very cozy family celebration has already taken place a week ago. Our Christmas present for ourselves is an Offroad Vacation in Liguria! Continue reading “Offroad Vacation in Liguria”