Smittybilt Winch Test

Today we do the Winch Test, to see if everything works properly. For this we find us a quiet place with no people around and with a tree lying on the ground.

Back from Liguria in good old cold Switzerland, we still have some days left until we got to get back to work. We decide to test our Smittybilt Winch with our Jeep Rubicon, also known as “Gollum”. We found a quiet place close to the place we live and got to work. By the way, the tree was already lying there 😉

Attach the Winch and let’s go!

Alex attaches the Smittybilt winch to the tree and lets the car and the electronics do the rest. The Wrangler makes its way slowly uphill towards the tree.
Everything seems to work just fine and so we are ready for our next adventures.

ATTENTION: Never forget to leave minimum one layer of the rope on the winch!

About the Smittybilt Winch

We really absolutely love the Smittybilt Winch. As we don’t use the winch on a daily basis (yet), we were looking for something solid but not too expensive. As we have some very good experiences with the Smittybilt Gear, we went for their winch. And the reviews we found on several channels were all pretty convincing. We used it several times and we are convinced that we found just the right winch for our uses. As you can see in the video below, it works very well and pulls us out of awkward situations. Except when there’s nothing to attach it to, as you can see here. 😉

Here’s the Video:

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